Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Who Will YOU Take to Lunch?

Who are you going to invite to lunch?   I saw an image and accompanying article a few days ago about a fire station in New York.  The firefighters at that station have a tradition of invited a wounded veteran to join them for lunch. Their hospitality spoke to my heart. My first reaction was: Who am I going to invite to lunch?

I like to eat with my friends.  We like the same eating establishments. We have things in common. We enjoy each other’s company. It’s just plain fun.  But the question remains. Who will I invite to lunch?

I could bridge some generational gaps.  I know some elderly people that need to get out more.  That is a starting place.  But I also know some teenagers and 20 somethings that could use some attention as well.  Who will I invite to lunch?

Suddenly the process became much easier.  I thought about people that have taken me to lunch over the years.  I had an annual tradition with my mother.  We ate at Furr’s Cafeteria a week or two before school started every year after a morning of shopping for clothes to start a new academic year.  Those are treasured memories.  I will take my boys to lunch…

About 6 years ago, the police asked me if I could assist a homeless man to get a meal. I took him to one of my favorite eating places.  He had not eaten in several days. I had quite the intellectual interchange with this highly intelligent, but homeless man.  I am so thankful I was honored to take him to lunch that day.  I will be alert to more opportunities like that.

A colleague in a neighboring city paid me one of the nicest compliments I have ever received. He told me several years ago that I was the only person that called him to go to lunch that did not  have an agenda.   Everyone else that asked him to lunch wanted something from him.  I have some colleagues I will take to lunch.

I have friends that live in other cities or states.  Having lunch with them is a rare and treasured event.  I relish every moment.  I will do some traveling and take some friends to lunch.

Who will you take to lunch?

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