Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Tribute to Trey Lehman

Some time back I had lunch at Chuy’s in Arlington with my high school classmate, Trey Lehmnan.  Considerable interchange on facebook preceded that day of shared tortillas. I set aside a little extra time that day, because I thought lunch might go a little long….That turned out to be correct.  We finished over three hours later.

 It was not a time to exchange pleasantries and discuss football.  We discussed life.  We caught each other up on mutual friends.   There was extensive discussion about our children. We reflected on our regrets… We agreed that both of us had lived long enough to accumulate a closet full of them.  And then the conversation turned to our faith.

We discussed church.  And then we considered what a life of faith really looks like.  It was not a typical discussion about such matters.  Bear in mind…this is an interchange with Trey Lehman!  But it was rich.  And I walked away a better person three hours later.

Trey was an angel in his own unique way. I know…using the term “angel” and the name “Trey Lehman” in the same sentence appears quite amusing. Trey was an angel with a halo held up by horns.  (Longhorns to be exact.)  As we enjoyed lunch at Chuy’s that day, it became very apparent to me that my high school classmate could teach me a few things about generosity and kindness.  I remembered Trey from high school as a free spirited, fun-loving guy who knew everyone!  But I discovered over lunch that the free spirited teenager grew into a very generous man with a heart as big as Texas.

I am grateful that I have reconnected with a number of classmates over the past 4 or 5 years.  My life has been blessed beyond words. I firmly believe we are a priceless cohort. There are a few true “characters” among us.  Trey was certainly one of them. He will be deeply missed.  And our lives won’t be the same without him.

In my last interchange with Trey a few days before his surgery, we agreed to meet for lunch as soon as he recuperated.  As I reflect on this profound loss this morning, I am going to consider my schedule.  There are seemingly pressing issues crying out for my attention. But right now I really don’t care.  I am going to look at my schedule and try to determine who I really need to connect with most. Life is short.  Life is unpredictable. People are priceless. Friendship is paramount.  To my classmates from the class of Monterey High School in 1980: May we continue to embrace one another in a spirit of love and mutual respect. And may we rejoice those who rejoice and mourn with those that mourn…

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