Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Sticker Says it All: Thank You Texas EMS

You are our chaplain. You serve our agency exclusively. In my early years as a law enforcement chaplain, that thought was never verbalized. But it was always an unspoken rule. I am so thankful I serve a community now where that mindset has never been implied. 

I officially serve the Granbury Police Department and The Texas Department of Public Safety. But over the years countless opportunities have arisen to serve The Hood County Sheriffs Office and The lake rangers affiliated with The Brazos River Authority.  Another interesting development has occurred during the course of the past couple of years. 

Several opportunities to partner serve medics with Texas EMS have arisen. I am learning about a new world. The challenges they face are unique to their particular calling. I had no clue what all was involved in their field. I have taken back by the mounds of paperwork they are required to maintain. 

New and exciting opportunities to serve open every day because there is a mentality of cooperation in the community I serve. It is not that we are not capable of being territorial. We can be in a heartbeat. And there is not an absence of conflict or huge egos. We struggle with both.  But nevertheless there all of the agencies play well together. 

Key leaders affiliated with the agencies I serve have set a tone of mutual respect and teamwork. I am grateful for each of them. This week that attitude was symbolized in a manner that will touch hearts for a long time. A sticker that was created as a visual memorial to Sgt. Lance McClean was placed on the back of every ambulance in use by Texas EMS.  When I saw the new decals placed on these vehicles, one thought came to mind. The sticker says it all...The placement of them on these emergency vehicles symbolizes the respect and love that all first responders in our county have for each other. 

You serve all agencies in this county...That has never been verbalized to me. But it has always been implied. I hope to learn more from my medics during the upcoming year. I continue to learn from those that play well together. As I spend more time with them, I will be reminded that the sticker says it all...

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