Friday, August 23, 2013

Becoming Dad: It Happens to the Best of Us

My youngest son informed his brother recently that he was: “becoming dad.”  Mitchell had taken note of the fact that Daniel was consuming his coffee black. In fact, I think he was drinking Folgers Classic. Mitchell was appalled that his brother was “becoming dad.”  The truth is: Daniel’s accuser and younger brother is also “becoming dad” more than he wants to admit.

We moved to Granbury just before Mitchell started his third grade year. Monday he will begin his senior year.  Last night he spent some time with friends at a back to school party. These are the same friends he made in the third grade. They have remained close through elementary school, middle school, and now high school.  But there is something that Mitchell does not know right now…

Some of those same people will become lifelong friends. He will look up one day and realize that he has known these comrades for 40 years. They will experience things together that are difficult to comprehend today. The friendships will deepen with the passing of each year.

I am speaking from experience.  I have friends today that I met in the second grade. Unfortunately several of us lost contact for a number of years, but thanks to technology we ultimately reconnected. The bond that we enjoy is marked by depth, and unwavering loyalty.  I have officiated at funerals for my friends’ parents. I have done a few weddings.  The concern we will feel for each others children is unquestioned.  In fact, we just really care about one another.

Mitchell is unknowingly “becoming dad.” The consistency he has experienced in relationships during his 17 years will likely continue through the duration of his life. He is just like his old man. He appreciates the blessing of friendship. I must say that it thrills me to see him begin his senior year hanging out with friends that he met at Acton Elementary School in 2004.  It will be fun to see where life takes this group of seniors.  One thing seems certain: they will go together. And I have a sneaking suspicion Mitchell will be drinking his coffee black soon.  Folgers Classic at that…Becoming happens to the best of us.

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