Saturday, December 8, 2012

Premature New Years' Resolutions

I wonder how many people will make New Year’s Resolutions to lose a few pounds this year.  And furthermore I wonder how many people will resolve to eat healthier after a holiday season of parties, goodies, and ongoing overeating.  Resolutions are a good thing.  I presume that good will ultimately develop from such commitments.  I realized this fall that I could not wait until January 1st of next year to get on a healthier track. 

A good friend here in Granbury recommended myfitnesspal as an online weight loss and fitness resource.  I must say that is an excellent tool.  And it is free!
My progress has been excruciatingly slow. But I have indeed lost weight.  And I am still losing.  Three important things have surfaced in this process.

I have learned a lot about myself.  For example I figured out that my eating habits were awful.  I mean bad!  I was eating out more than I thought I was. And I was eating a lot more junk than I wanted to admit. And of course I was pretty clueless about portion control too. 

Secondly I have learned that this is going to be a long journey.  I seriously doubt that I will meet my goal weight objective before the end of 2013.  I fully anticipate the loss process taking another year.  In previous attempts to lose weight, I had this idea that the weight would just fall off in a matter of months.  At age 50, that is not too realistic or healthy.

Finally I have been inspired by friends on a similar journey.  “Suzy” (not her real name) has lost 101 pounds.  Amazing right?  She went from being obese to running in 5K events.  This past week she started seeking employment at gyms in the city where she lives. She formulated a list of such facilities and began the adventure of applying.  She did something I thought was especially exciting.  She brought “before” and “after” pictures with her as she sought an application to go to work.  Long story short…the first gym where she applied hired her on the spot.

I am so glad “Suzy” chose not to wait until January 1, 2013 to begin her journey toward healthier living. She has encouraged me not to give up and throw in the towel prematurely.  New Years resolutions are great, but I am thankful today for people that are making commitments amidst the heaviest eating time of the year. 

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