Monday, July 9, 2012

Get out the Glue: Some Assembly is Required!

Some assembly required.  I really don’t like that phrase at all.  For starters I don’t follow directions very well.  And the truth is I am just not that handy to start with. As far as I am concerned things that require some assembly just need to remain on the shelf.

I have been reminded over the past several years that relationships often require some assembly too.  And I am all about successful relationships.  I can’t stand the thought of anyone be left on the shelf.  In order for people to form connections or have the ability to reconnect with each other, some glue is required for the assemblies to be complete.

People grow up together and form life lasting memories. They play in the sandbox with each other when they are little.  They ice skate and go the movies with each other as time moves on. And when the teenage years roll around, they play sports and participate in the arts with one another. And they think nothing will separate them. But life happens.

 The years go by in a flash. And those same kids that played in the sandbox look up and they realize they will soon turn 50. But they have not seen their childhood friends for decades.  And then they find themselves attending funerals of classmates. Life happens and life is short. It is too short not to reconnect, but some assembly is required. And that assembly requires glue.

My classmates are fortunate.  We have reconnected. Old friendships have been glued back together, and new ones have been assembled. It has been life changing for me.  I have been reminded of how much I care about my old friends, and I have been overwhelming blessed with new relationships as well.

I am fully aware that the assembly process was completed largely because someone chose to be the glue.  I can’t imagine not being connected to those I have grown to love and appreciate. I am more grateful than ever for a very select few people from my elementary school life, and from my high school life that have chosen to be the glue for our entire classes.  Saying thank you seems appropriate. My life would not be the same without each of you. 

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