Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Complete Inability to Tell the Truth

Some people just have a complete inability to tell the truth.  In working with police officers over the years, I have consistently observed people telling bold faced lies that are easily disputed. In a lot of cases, it would have been much easier just to tell the truth in the first place.  Recently I observed that a lack of truth telling can take on more than one form.

There are human beings who simply cannot express the truth about other people.  I am thinking in very specific terms.  There are people who cannot pay another person a compliment.  The compliment is well deserved, and most importantly it reflects the truth!  But there are individuals that have no capacity whatsoever to verbalize such truths.

A person can serve someone else over and over again with great diligence, and in the kindest of spirits.  But the person on the receiving end for whatever reason has no capacity to express appreciation. Communicating gratitude in such a setting is another form of truth telling.  How sad that the truth is not spoken!

The same individual who lacks the ability to speak the truth in regard to compliments or basic gratitude will more than eagerly point out another person’s flaws.  As that person points out an obvious flaw, they are often quick to say: I am just telling the truth!  I say…nonsense!  (Actually in Texas we might be inclined to say something other than nonsense.)  Is it the truth?  I suppose it probably is an accurate observation in most cases, but it is tarnished by the lack of truth telling in other areas of life.

The moral of this story is: tell the truth!  If someone is deserving of a compliment, then verbalize it.  Don’t hold back, because if you do you are sitting on the truth.  If someone has served you well, let them know. Express appreciation, because it is the truth.  I for one do not want to be known as someone who as a complete inability to tell the truth. 

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Sarah Webb said...

I love this John. Thanks for speaking the Truth! :)