Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Hate Details!

I want to go on record. I hate details. I am hosting over 100 police chaplains, instructors, and spouses for a four day training conference in Granbury.  We are running three tracks concurrently for those seeking basic certification along with veteran chaplains in need of advanced training or just some helpful enrichment.  It is a huge job. I am thankful to have several partners that have worked as hard, as or harder than I have to get ready for this event.  But I hate details... 

Right now my main concern is making sure there is enough food for each meal over the next four days, and that everyone gets to Granbury from the both airports in Dallas tomorrow. I am so fearful I will forget something.   But in the midst of the dreaded details it occurred to me that we are doing is of utmost importance.  The chaplains that are training here this week will return to seven different states in this region to serve the people of their communities.

We are equipping them to serve the officers of their departments during the most challenging crisis events.  Some of them will be called on to assist in the aftermath of a line of duty shooting.  That is not a task to be undertaken without sufficient training.  Most of us will be called on to do death notifications, or to respond in cases of unexpected deaths that do not occur in a clinical setting.  Once again training is imperative. There will be families facing the trauma of suicide.  We must serve them with compassion.  

The chaplains will hopefully return to their departments eager to spend time with their officers out in the field. Hopefully the conference will inspire them to work harder and be even more dedicated.  I suspect more than one chaplain will show up feeling the pain of compassion fatigue or just a hint of discouragement. I hope that our time together will reignite their passion.

Today I needed to remind myself to quit worrying about breakfast burritos and seafood versus chicken at Tuesday’s banquet.  Those are details that do need attention....  But more importantly I need to be thinking about what the substance of this conference. What will it provide for those that are willing to serve on the front lines in the world of law enforcement?  Make no doubt it.  I hate details.  I am not a detail person.  That is why I worry and fret over getting people from the airport and making sure no one goes hungry.  The details will somehow come together. I am just grateful to be able to help train those that are about to serve people facing all kinds of sudden trauma or crisis events. I am even willing do face the dreaded details!  Have I said that I hate details?

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