Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There are Chapters in YOUR Story that Have Not Been Written...

I prefer to play golf by myself on my precious Mondays.  I generally put in about 12 intense hours on Sunday, so by the time Monday rolls around I am usually downright anti-social.   But this past Monday I happened to pick up and play golf with a very interesting man. He “retired” to Granbury from the Chicago area in 1980.  That is a long time to be retired!   As I heard his story this afternoon, I soon figured out that his so called retirement could be characterized more as a mid-life shift in careers.  He also shared with me that he had just recently taken up the game of golf at age 70___.

As I left the golf course, I thought: what can I learn from this guy?  For some reason the recurring thought that kept coming back was: there are chapters to my story that have not been written yet.  I am sure my golfing partner never imagined changing careers and moving to the Lone Star State from Chicago.
But he did.  And he seems to be very content with the choices he has made in life.

I have been known to be pessimistic about the uncertainty of the future.  (Faith is certainly factored out of the equation when such uncertainty surfaces.)  There is also an exciting and invigorating aspect to the uncertainty of tomorrow.  I never imagined that I would be doing the things I am doing today when I was 18 years old.  And I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the experiences in life that I have had thus far.

I am thankful that I was forced out of my typical Monday reclusive mode this week.  My senior golfing friend’s positive attitude about his life experiences was a source of inspiration to me.  Who knows what opportunities will develop tomorrow?  There are chapters in the story that have not been written yet.

Are you frustrated today with your situation today?  Tomorrow may bring open doors that you never imagined before.  You may get to do things that you have never even dreamed about.   One thing is for certain:  Life is not going to remain stagnate!  There are chapters in YOUR story that have not been written...

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