Saturday, April 16, 2011

Searching for Real Love

I have always liked the Doobie Brothers.  I am a child of the ‘70’s what can I say?  Their hit Real Love hit the charts when I was a freshman at Texas Tech in 1980.   I recall liking the tune when the song was released, but I never really paid close attention to the lyrics.  I was a little surprised today when I listened closely to them probably for the first time.

The singer is addressing a woman in his life who has had multiple lovers. Darlin I know I am just another head on your pillow.  If only just tonight, girl…Let me hear you just lie a little. Tell me I’m the only man you’ve ever really loved.”  The lyrics continue with that theme a little later in the song: Here, Darlin', stands another bandit wantin' you. In and out your life, they come and they go, your days and nights like a wheel that turns. Grindin' down a secret part of you, deep inside your heart, that nobody knows.

I find the song to be brutally true.  How many of my friends and acquaintances find themselves at such a place in life?  Somehow that cycle characterized by a lack of commitment and the brokenness that follows never ends.  The song goes on to say:  When you say comfort me, to anyone who approaches. Chalkin' up the hurt, we live and we learn. Well we've both lived long enough to know, that we'd trade it all right now for just one minute of real love, darling…

I honestly believe that is where some of my friends find themselves.  They too would trade it all right now for a just one minute of real love.  Why is real love elusive to so many people then?  I have a few theories, but I am going to think on it for a few days before I write on this subject further.  And I would invite your input as well.  We are surrounded by people searching for real love.  How can we impact their lives in a positive manner?

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jerry said...

How about starting with 1 Corinthians 13?