Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lead by Example

I was privileged this afternoon to watch Jeff Jeffries receive special recognition from the Hood County Child Welfare Board for his work with abused and neglected children.   Jeffries has been a driving force behind the Granbury Royal Family Kids Camp.  RFKC camps around the world exist exclusively for the purpose of providing a Christian camping experience for abused children that have been removed from their homes by state agencies such as Child Protective Services in Texas.  This year we are anticipating 150 campers that will come from counties all around this area.

Jeff and Mark Hackney along with several others recently formed a non-profit organization called “Kids Armor of Hope.”  The efforts of this organization will take in Royal Family Kids Camp and First Tee as well.  First Tee teaches life skills and character development through the game of golf.  First Tee is touching a lot of kids that are coming from challenging home situations.

What would drive a man to use his retirement years to serve in such a way?  Was Jeff abused as a child?  That is not the case at all.  His source of motivation comes from a much different place.

Jeff grew up in Los Angeles with a mother who was doing social work most likely before it was called social work.  Based on the stories I have heard she took kids in her home, and helped troubled people in all kinds of ways.  It was not a profession, but it was a lifestyle.  Obviously Jeff took good mental notes and learned well. 

I was reminded today that there is no substitute for leading by example.  Modeling unselfish service to our own children could impact the lives of others decades later.  Jeff’s mom is well into 80’s now.  She is quite a lady.  I could not help but think about her at the presentation this afternoon.  There are some abused children who will be profoundly touched by Jeff’s work.  And little do they know that it all started with an elderly lady who lives in a state most of them have never visited.  Let’s lead by example today and see where it goes! 

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