Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do More and Talk Less...

My patience level with people that are constantly chattering about good things they intend to do seems to be decreasing more every single day.  My dad used to reference individuals that are: “all talk and no do.”  I call it “blowing smoke.” And I my patience with smoke blowers is nearly exhausted.

Today at the funeral service for Deputy Clifton Taylor, who was killed in the line of duty last Saturday, the sheriff of Johnson County made some observations about a group of servants that are most definitely not smoke blowers. He said when he got up this morning to prepare for the funeral service he heard law enforcement units on the police radio from other counties letting their dispatchers know that they were “10-41 in Johnson County.”  Officers from all over the area converged on Johnson County this morning to cover the call load, so none of the deputies would have to stay behind and miss the funeral.   Communications personnel from other areas also provided their services to answer 911 and dispatch officers to calls for service.

The sheriff’s comments were very moving to me this morning.  He reminded all of  us that while are home enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon with our families there men and women of law enforcement out there protecting us from those that have the potential to pose an imminent threat to our families.  Deputy Taylor was shot by a man who had threatened to kill his family Saturday.

I don’t think my patience with people that are all talk is going to increase anytime soon.  But I do know that I appreciate people who have the ability to step up to the plate and serve when a need arises.  They are an inspiration to me to do more and talk less. 

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